ubuntu apps : Events and Tasks manager

Ubuntu Apps : Event and Tasks management on text file


  • Use apps for task management with text file.
  • I have started using this apps and this article is for beginners to understand 'ETM'.
  • This tool can be realized for 'Dot Journaling' with 'Digital sheet on text file.'



  • cheat sheet


Cheat sheet

prefix item
- Task
* Event
~ Action
^ Occation
$ In Basket
! Note
? Someday
       ~      Action: a record of time and/or money spent.

       *      Event: happens on a particular date and time.

       ^      Occasion: happens on a particular date, e.g.,  a   holi‐
              day, anniversary or birthday.

       !      Note: a record of some useful information.

       -      Task: something that needs to be done.

       %      Delegated task: a task assigned to someone else.

       +      Task  group: a group of related tasks, some of which may
              be prerequisites for others.

       $      Inbasket: quick entry to be edited later when time  per‐

       ?      Someday  maybe:  remember  but  don't show in the common

       #      Hidden: remember but hide from all etm views except path

       =      Defaults:  set default options for subsequent entries in
              the same data file.
  • my categorized event and task

    • TODO
    • FIXME
    • XXX
    • WBS
    • CHORE
    • PLAN / CHECK
  • wbs

           + dog house
                 @j pickup lumber and paint &q 1
                 @j cut pieces &q 2
                 @j assemble &q 3
                 @j paint &q 4


  • Event : to begin with '*'
    • example : A meeting (an event) @[s]tarting seven days from today at 9:00am and @[e]xtending for one hour with a default @[a]lert 5 minutes before the start @[t]ag business :
  * All members meeting @s +7 9a @e 1h @a 5 @t business
  • example : A meeting with another [a]lert 2 days before the meeting to (e)mail a reminder to a list of recipients:
  * sales meeting @s +7 9a @e 1h @a 5
    @a 2d: e; who@when.com, what@where.org
  • Prepare a report (a task) for the sales meeting @[b]eginning 3 days early:
  - prepare report @s +7 @b 3
  • A period @[e]xtending 35 minutes (an action) spent working on the report yesterday:
  ~ report preparation @s -1 @e 35
  • Event : To start with '-'
    • Get a haircut (a task) on the 24th of the current month and then @[r]epeatedly at (d)aily [i]ntervals of (14) days and, @[o]n completion, (r)estart from the completion date:
  - get haircut @s 24 @r d &i 14 @o r
  • Occation : To start with '^'
    • Payday (an occasion) on the last week day of each month. The &s -1 part of the entry extracts the last date which is both a weekday and falls within the last three days of the month):
  ^ payday @s 1/1 @r m &w MO, TU, WE, TH, FR &m -1, -2, -3 &s -1
  • Take a prescribed medication daily (a reminder) [s]tarting today and [r]epeating (d)aily at [h]ours 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm [u]ntil (12am on) the fourth day from today. Trigger the default [a]lert zero minutes before each reminder:
  * take Rx @s +0 @r d &h 10, 14, 18, 22 &u +4 @a 0
  • Move the water sprinkler (a reminder) every thirty mi[n]utes on Sunday afternoons using the default alert zero minutes before each reminder:
  * Move sprinkler @s 1 @r n &i 30 &w SU &h 14, 15, 16, 17 @a 0
  • To limit the sprinkler movement reminders to the [M]onths of April through September each year, append &M 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to the @r entry.

    • Presidential election day (an occasion) every four years on the first Tuesday after a Monday in November:
  ^ Presidential Election Day @s 2012-11-06
    @r y &i 4 &M 11 &m 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 &w TU
  • Join the etm discussion group (a task) [s]tarting on the first day of the next month. Because of the @g (goto) link, pressing Ctrl-G when the details of this item are displayed in the gui would open the link using the system default application which, in this case, would be your default browser:
  - join the etm discussion group @s +1/1
    @g http://groups.google.com/group/eventandtaskmanager/topics

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